Day 315

Nicola and Wilfy setting off, 7 January 2019. Photo: Andrew Hughes.
Photo: Andrew Hughes


Staying in touch through the forum (discussion board) is one of the most enjoyable parts of adventure learning.

Teachers who subscribe will receive an email invitation to join the forum. This will allow classrooms, through the teacher, to ask questions, make comments, share their work and much more. We will have scientists and other knowledgeable people joining us on the forum to add their expertise and thoughts on topics that we’re discussing.

Visit the forum (opens in a new tab)

If you would like to bookmark the forum directly, the address is:

The forum is split up into five categories that will be active all year:

Introduce yourself

This is a good place to make your first contribution and see who else is on the forum.

Daily reports Q&A

When we post a new report (up to twice a week) we will create a new topic with the heading of the report in this category. If classrooms, after reading/watching the report have questions or comments, this is the place to go.

Teacher lounge

This is a place for teachers to share how they have adapted the resources, ask questions and get help, make suggestions and anything that helps build a community of educators around this project.

Explore Your Corner

This section is for those using the Explore Your Corner unit, this is the place to update us on how it’s going and to get help.

Create Your Own Adventure

This category is for those using the Create Your Own Adventure unit, this is the place to update us on how it’s going and to get help.