Day 315

Swag Family.

Our journey

Hello, we’re the Swag Family (Nicola, Andrew, Hope and Wilfy Hughes) and we’re riding tandem bikes around Australia in 2019. This primary school adventure learning project will bring thousands of students into a real-life journey to explore the deep cultural histories and extraordinary stories from the people and environment of this vast continent.

Students can learn alongside us in their classrooms using specially written workbooks that align with the Australian Curriculum. There is a moderated forum that links adventurers, students and teachers all together. We also offer visits directly into classrooms from the expedition using video calls (Skype or FaceTime).


This whole website and journey is a dedicated resource for primary school teachers and students. In your classroom you can dive in and out of the website as time and student interest allows. It’s flexible and can be used a little or a lot… and at any time of year. Most will use this site during one school term to complete one of the 6–8 week units. If you’d like to take it further we suggest a weekly check-in throughout the year where you track the journey and create your own learning opportunities based on student engagement. A large wall map of Australia is a great way to get started. To get the most out of it you will need to become a subscriber. Thanks to our growing list of supporters many schools will be eligible for free subscriptions.


Sharing the adventure as it’s really happening is what makes this project fun and exciting. We will be reporting live from the field twice a week for viewing on Mondays and Thursdays during term time. If joining us later in the year, we suggest you introduce the class to the project with one or two of the early reports and then skip straight to the current reports. There are a number of ways you can sort through the reports. You can view all reports, ordered chronologically.

Reports by category

We have categorised each of our reports into one of five categories:

  • Adventure – every Monday we will update how we are going on the road
  • Biology – these reports will feature plants, animals (and places) that we find along the way
  • Stories – in these reports we will meet and learn from people we meet during the adventure
  • Challenges – pop-up lessons, adventure philosophy, teaching and learning snippets
  • Swag – gear we use, RAP progress, funny snippets… everything else!

Reports by state

You can view all reports that relate to a particular Australian state:

Other ways we have categorised reports

About the ride statistics

The statistics shown on this page will be updated in almost-real-time throughout the day. The starting point for the statistics is our Garmin Edge 25 GPS device, which enables us to upload GPX files of our rides to the internet and derive various other information from these statistics. The statistics on the home page and main pages (such as this one) reflect our current position. The statistics on report pages reflect a snapshot of the statistics on the date we made the report.

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